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Contrary to a widely held belief, you cannot find all the answers to your local option questions from the Ohio Division of Liquor Control, your local board of elections, or the office of the Ohio Secretary of State. There is no such thing as a clearinghouse of information on Ohio local liquor options. While these agencies are knowledgeable about the process, the individual role of each in the process is limited. It’s precisely this limited role that creates inherent problems for anyone seeking information about local option elections.

Ohio Local Options are governed by a combination of Title 35: Ohio Election Law and Title 43: Ohio Liquor Law. Obtaining weekly liquor sales and/or Sunday liquor sales privileges can be an intimidating task for anyone holding or seeking a license from the Ohio Division of Liquor Control.

There are 2 phases to every local option. The petition phase and the campaign phase. If you seek voter approval by placing a local liquor option question before voters, you also need to educate them about why you want them to vote YES or NO on the liquor issue(s).

Utilizing more than 30 years experience in conducting local liquor option elections, information from the Ohio Revised Code and the office of the Ohio Secretary of State, you’ll find OhioLiquorOptions.com to be the premier resource for local liquor option ‘how-to’ information from petition circulation and filing, to designing and conducting a successful local liquor option campaign.

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Important Disclaimer Information: ohioliquoroptions.com was developed by field resource management, inc., an industry leader in the design, development, and implementation of Ohio Local Liquor Options.  field resources is not affiliated with the Ohio Division of Liquor Control, the Ohio Secretary of State or any Ohio County Board of Elections.  All information contained herein is strictly the opinion of field resource management, inc. It is not a recommendation nor is it intended to be legal advice to any Ohio local liquor option petitioner.

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