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As Ohio’s premiere local liquor option consultants, field resource management, inc has conducted over 2,000 local liquor option elections throughout Ohio. We maintain an unmatched record of success!  field resource management, inc. has conducted seminars and workshops on local option elections, and has been actively involved in every aspect of Ohio’s local option process for more than 30 years. We have an innovative, cost-effective and time tested approach to successful local option elections.

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Case Studies

Polaris Centers of Commerce
NP Limited Partnership

Polaris Amphitheater and Fashion Place Mall
Following the annexation of some 1,400 (+/-) acres of prime commercial property to the city of Columbus, OH, real estate developers NP Limited Partnership was faced with the threat of a local option election to remove alcohol sales throughout the footprint of the entire Polaris Centers of Commerce retail project. Upset over developer plans to open a large outdoor music venue in this once rural area, neighbors reacted aggressively.

field resources™ developed a proactive campaign strategy that effectively stalled neighbor attempts to render the commercially zoned project DRY.

The result was an overwhelming victory on eight separate local option issues to allow on and off premise beer, wine, and liquor sales seven days-a-week.

As one of the Midwest’s premier shopping and entertainment districts, Easton developers The Georgetown Company and the Limited, Inc. knew their ability to attract fine restaurants would be hampered by a prohibition on Sunday liquor sales in the Easton home precinct.

Through demographic and precinct targeting techniques, field resources™ was able to configure a “residence district” local option vote – then permissible under Ohio law – to produce a 60+% margin of support for Sunday sales at Easton restaurants and clubs.

Streets of West Chester
The Streets of West Chester is located on I-75, just two (2) miles north of I-275, at the newly opened Union Center Boulevard interchange. This 110 acre Continental Real Estate Development project is a regional destination site capturing the explosive Northern Cincinnati growth. The architectural design of this mixed-use project includes brick pavers, common area fountains, benches, storefront parking , and a pop-up fountain to name a few.

Neither the developer or tenant restaurants Bravo Italiana, Mitchell’s Fish Market, P.F. Chang’s, Champps Americana, Red Robin Restaurant, and Smokey Bones BBQ were unaware the project site was DRY for Sunday liquor sales. field resources™ successfully secured full Sunday privileges for these tenants following a spirited and controversial zoning battle over a nearby competing commercial project.

The Old Bag of Nails Pub — Uptown Westerville, OH
In 1858 a resolution banning the sale of fermented spirits in the village of Westerville, Ohio was approved making this community the heart and soul of the temperance movement in America. Often referred to as “Drytown USA” or “America’s Little Sahara”, Westerville was home to the Anti-Saloon League of America, the group that originally authored the predecessors to Ohio’s modern Local Option Law as well as drafting the original text of the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution on national prohibition.

field resources™ overturned a 146 year DRY tradition in Uptown Westerville allowing full-service beer, wine and spirits sales by the Old Bag of Nails Pub.

The New Albany Company
— New Albany Country Club & Market Street

Following a failed attempt to remove the Sunday prohibition on liquor sales in the small village of New Albany at the newly opened New Albany Country Club, field resources™ developed a local option campaign that identified virtually every eligible New Albany property owner and their respective position on Sunday Sales at the Country Club.

field resources™ utilized intensive voter contact programs and third-party reinforcement techniques to insure a solid majority victory for the country club and the New Albany property owners.

Several years later, this same technique was successfully used to secure voter approval of both weekly and Sunday alcohol sales in the commercial/retail Market Street project in New Albany.

Northstar Golf Resort
Scheduled for a spring 2006 Grand Opening, the Northstar Golf Resort features an upscale 18 hole championship public golf course designed by Ohio’s own PGA Tour star and golf analyst John Cook.

Nestled in Delaware County Ohio’s Berkshire Township, a portion of the resort crossed township boundaries and extended into Kingston Township. Here, Northstar faced tremendous opposition and legal challenges by nearby residents and trustees.

field resources™ downplayed the opposition from Kingston Township as outside interference and focused on the resort’s amenities to produce a solid majority vote for all beverages seven days a week.

Miami University of Ohio
— Marcum Inn & Conference Center

Gaining voter approval for liquor sales on a college campus may seem like a simple task, but in reality it is difficult due to the transient nature of the students. Resident’s halls and dormitories serve as temporary housing for students and most refuse to permanently register at their school addresses. This low voter registration combined with an even lower rate of voter turnout is a recipe for defeat of any local option because the motivated voter is a negative voter.

Utilizing direct mail and telephone canvassing reinforcement techniques, field resources™ was able to focus the campaign’s efforts on where supporters would be on Election Day in order to produce sufficient support at the polls.