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What happens after the petition has been filed?

Step 1: Boards of Election Must Notify Permit Holders

Within five days of receiving a petition, the board of elections must notify, by certified mail, the permit holders who would be affected by the local liquor option question(s) (Form 5-H) that is the subject of the petition. Upon request, the board of elections also must provide a street listing to a permit holder who would be affected by a proposed local option election. (This is the same list that was provided to the petitioner with the beginning and ending numbers for each street within the precinct in which the election is sought.)

Form 5-H (Board of Elections Notice to Permit Holders – page 1)


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Step 2: Board of Elections Must Determine Petition’s Validity and Sufficiency

The board must examine and determine the sufficiency and validity of the petition not later than 68 days prior to the election.


Step 3: Board of Elections’ Notice Requirements

The board of elections must send the Notice of Election to be Held (Form 126-A) to the Secretary of State’s office and the Division of Liquor Control upon certification of the issue and determination of the date of the election. Not later than 10 days before the election, a public notice of the election is required to be posted or inserted in a newspaper published in the county.

Form 126-A (Notice to Secretary of State & Liquor Control – page 1)

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