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Step 5: Collecting Signatures

In all cases where Form 5-I is filed with the Ohio Division of Liquor Control, signature gathering may not begin until the petitioner has received a written response from the division listing the permit holders – IF ANY – who would be affected by the results of the local liquor option election sought. In all other cases, signature collection may begin immediately upon receipt of the petitions and completion of the question to be submitted to the electors.

Before circulating petitions door-to-door please review the Petitioner Instructions provided by field resource management, inc. and ohioliquoroptions.com.

The process of collecting valid signatures can be difficult if petition circulators are not aware of what constitutes a valid signature.

[Click here for a quick video tutorial on door-to-door signature collection for local option petitions.]

Upon review, please call us at (614) 487-1009 with questions or to request professional assistance in circulating and filing your local option petition.