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Spirituous Liquor by the Glass

If you’ve determined your precinct is dry and has been since voter rejection of the repeal of prohibition in 1933, one option which could be pursued in this case is a special local option election utilizing Form 5-B. While the results of this question would allow any and all future permit holders located in your precinct to benefit from voter approval of the local option question, the steps involved in this process are much simpler. The biggest difference is there isn’t a notice requirement with the division of liquor control. Form 5-B petitions may be circulated at any time 90 days prior to a General Election. Form 5-B petitions are typically used in township local option elections involving private clubs such as a Legion or VFW Post because many township precincts are dry for liquor by the glass but wet for beer and wine sales due to the effect of the repeal vote.  The steps below will guide you through the filing of the local option petitions with your local board of elections. Your local board of elections can provide you with petition forms, up to date list of registered voters, precinct maps and the required number of signatures necessary to qualify the local option issues for the ballot.

(Form 5-B) Use of this local option petition form is ONLY permitted in precincts that voted against the repeal of prohibition in 1933

Spirituous Liquor by the Glass

Note: A Local Option election for the question on the sale of spirituous liquor by the glass on Petition Form 5-B may ONLY be submitted to electors at a General Election. All other local option elections may appear on a Primary or General Election ballot.

(C) “Shall the sale of spirituous liquors by the glass be permitted in ?”

Explanation: Question #C (Form 5-C) allows or prohibits the weekly sale of spirituous liquor by the glass (Monday – Saturday ONLY) for on-premise only sales. This question is specific to class D3 and higher permits and may be used in any Ohio precinct.