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Step 1: Designate One Petitioner

One person involved in the petition effort must be designated as “the petitioner.” The petitioner shall serve as the contact person for the local option issue and must supply his or her name and address to the board of elections and affected permit holders.

The petitioner must sign all documents to be filed with the board of elections (this does not include the signing of all part-petition papers which may ONLY be signed by the individual who circulated them among registered voters). Additionally, the petitioner must sign all documents sent to the Division of Liquor Control and any permit holders affected that are related to the local liquor option issue.

In other words, someone must serve as the “public” point of contact on all matters related to the local liquor option and that someone is called the petitioner.” After you’ve decided who will be the person responsible for signing all the necessary documents then move on to Step 2. If you are having difficulty with designating a “public” petitioner – call us at (614) 497-1009 or email us at info@ohioliquoroptions.com for professional assistance in circulating and filing your local option petitions.