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Sale of Beer and Intoxicating Liquor at “Community Facilities”

(Form 5-S)

A local liquor option election concerning a community facility may be placed on the ballot by petition, as well as by resolution or ordinance, submitted to the board of elections no later than 4 p.m. of the 90th day prior to the general or primary election. Such an election is submitted to the electorate of the entire municipality or unincorporated area of the township in which the community facility is located.

The question shall be submitted to the electors as follows:

“Shall the sale of beer and intoxicating liquor be permitted on days of the week other than Sunday and between the hours of ten a.m. or eleven a.m. and midnight on Sunday, at (insert name of community facility), a community facility as defined by section 4301.01 of the Revised Code, and located at (insert the address of the community facility and, if the community facility is a community entertainment district (CED), the boundaries of the district, as set forth in the petition)?”

Explanation: The Form 5-S question allows or prohibits the weekly and Sunday sale of beer and intoxicating liquor in a single question to effect community facilities and community entertainment districts as defined by the Ohio Revised Code. Form 5-S also requires signatures equal to at least 10% of the previous votes cast for the office of governor at the most recent gubernatorial election held in the municipality or unincorporated area of the township where the Community Facility of CED is located.